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          About US
          Lily / 2011-07-05


          Welcome to lovelywholesale.com!

          We supply all types of fashionable clothing, shoes, jewels, sexy lingeries and other accessories. We focus on high quality, keep an eye on every detail and follow the tide of the world, so we update our products everyday. We pride on offering exceptional low wholesale price and good quality at the same time. We provide fantastic service and still work hard to improve.
          We have our own factory in Guangzhou and Shanghai. In order to provide more styles(more than 6000 styles ), we ally with many clothing, handbag and shoes manufacturers specializing in producing export in JIANGSU,GUANGZHOU and ZHEJIANG of China, which enables us to provide trendy styles in massive amount and in remarkably low wholesale price. Now we are the best supplier to wholesalers, retailers and boutiques online or entities shops all over the world. We have large quantity of clients especially from:

          North America, e.g. USA

          Oceania, e.g. Australia, New Zealand

          Europe, e.g. France, Germany, UK, Spain,Ireland

          Southeast Asia, e.g. Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, etc

          East Europe Countries ,e.g.  Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, etc.

          Southeast Asia, e.g. Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, etc

          Africa, e.g. Egpyt


          We offer large variety of lady products styles including:

          Clothes: Dress, Outerwear & Coats, Bottoms, Swimwear, Intimates

          Accessories:Sunglasses,  Jewelry, Bags, Wigs, Chains, Hats, Lingeries

          We bring you an amazing assortment of products in many brands and styles, and 90% similarity with beautys on famous fashion magazines.

          Because of our fantastic goods and service, 90% of our new customers would place their second order. We are one of the most reliable fashion wholesalers and want to create long-term and concrete relationship with our customers. Welcome to cooperate with us! 

          Business Address(Not accept ANY returns&exchange): 

          No.778, Chuangxin West Road, The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone

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