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          Home > Help Center > FAQ > Our Store > Refund & Return
          Refund & Return
          Tina / 2011-07-05


          Problem with the products received:

          Faulty products can be returned to us if they have the following types of quality defects: stains, zipper malfunction, ripped or torn, poor quality materials, obvious color difference, major difference between the photographed product and the product received. If you experience the above problems, please contact us by submitting a ticket, or chatting with us online or you can check the below complaint steps.

          Defective items:

          If items you received are defective, contact us and send us relative pictures for checking, once confirmed, we will provide discounts off your next order or partial refund or provide reshipping service if our aftersale customer service agreed that.

          Missing or wrongly shipped items:

          A partial refund is offered for missing or wrongly shipped items. We will provide a reshipping service in the event of missing or wrongly shipped accessories, a partial refund on the item fare is offered in the event of accessories being unavailable for reshipping. Please be sure to open the parcel and check the contents before signing for the package


          Sizes for clothes are listed on item page according to the centimeters. For shoe sizes, please check the shoe size conversion chart. Please check description on item page carefully before you buy. Or if you want to return the item because the size doesn't fit you (items that you chose the wrong size), we can only issue you the product amount when we receive your returns. And the shipping fee will be covered by yourself. If the measurements are over 3CM difference for clothes or 1CM differences for shoes, please send us the pictures with ruler on it. Once confirmed, we can only compensate.

          Shipping delays:

          We hope that all of our valued customers can appreciate and understand that we have no control of the international shipping process after the package has been dispatched from our warehouse. For delayed orders in which the package was shipped within the normal processing period, we may deal with them on a case-by-case basis, please contact us by submitting a ticket, or chatting with us online.

          Complaint steps:

          Method 1:

          1. Please fill the survey about return details. Here is the link: https://www.csatbox.com/LW/

          2. Once we get the feedback, our customer service will contact you within 24hrs.

          3. Lastly, if our aftersale customer service confirmed the problem, we will offer the relative solutions to your problems.

          Method 2:

          1.    Contact us via submitting a ticket or live chat;

          2.    We will provide you the complaint form, please kindly fill in it and feedback it to us;

          3.    Once we have the complaint form back or the details, we will reply you in 24hrs;

          4.    Lastly, if our aftersale customer service confirmed the problem, we will offer the relative solutions to your problems.

          Refund steps:

          If customers need to cancel order or delete items off the order before shipment, please contact our customer service by submitting a ticket or live chat asap. Once agreed, we will cancel the order or delete required items off the order and give the store credit to customer's account on our site. Customers can go to their accounts to check the balance for future purchase or ask for a refund.


          For returned packages, we will notify customers via e-mail once we have returned packages back and directly give the store credit to the customer's account on our site. Customers can reply us via e-mail to know reshipment or ask for the refund.


          Refund to customers card or Paypal account will be processed in 48hrs after customers request agreed by our customer service representatives. 



          1.    Customer may return the package to the designated shipping address, and often need to cover the shipping fee for returning the package only if the customer service staff have authorized the return.

          2.    Please note that all returned items must be in good condition and won’t affect the second sale.


          3.    Contact us by submitting a ticket or live chat before you return the package to get the shipping address or other details. We can only issue the refund when we get the package back. We will notify you by e-mail at that time.

          4.  Please contact us within 7 days after the package delivered. 

          5.  No exchange or return or amending on promotional items or items on sale.

          Cordially invite you to participate in our survey and help us to provide better services and products. Customer Satisfaction Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/87GKJ78 

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